Technology Timeline

Timeline created by michellepisano14
  • The Game Boy was released in Japan

    The Game Boy was released in Japan
    This event is significant becasue I enjoy playing video games. Also the Gameboy lead the way for other game consoles, like the Wii.
  • First Microsoft Office launched (Mac version)

     First Microsoft Office launched (Mac version)
    This event is very significant to me because I use Microsoft a lot and it is an essential tool for school. The things we can create on Microsoft Office is limitless.
  • Bluetooth was invented

    Bluetooth was invented
    Bluetooth is very unique because you can talk with someone on the phone without actually having to actually hold the phone. It has made life much easier for people with busy lives because with Bluetooth, you can multitask.
  • The DVD player was invented

    The DVD player was invented
    The Dvd player is very important because it can play many different kinds of movies, like horror movies or documentaries. It is also a great form of entertainment.
  • iPod was invented/released

    iPod was invented/released
    The iPod was invented in the year 2000, but Apple released it in 2001. This device allows anyone to not only listen their music, but play games, and much more. I couldn't live without music.
  • Facebook was invented

    Facebook was invented
    Facebook is a great way to interact with friends, meet new friends, and stay in touch with old ones. Facebook is a great way to contact people and you can start and create events on Facebook. It is very helpful to me.
  • Youtube was invented

    Youtube was invented
    Youtube is such an interesting website because the users are the ones who post videos, and basically keep the sight going. This is a very successful website, and you can find a video on almost any topic you are looking for.
  • Skype was created

    Skype was created
    Skype is very helpful in many ways. Like if you are doing a group project, everyone can just skype to get the project done
  • The first car GPS was invented

    The first car GPS was invented
    The car GPS makes going places much easier, weather it's to a friend's house or going on a road trip, the GPS has made traveling easier.
  • First iPhone was released

    First iPhone was released
    When the iPhone was released it completly changed the views of how we saw smart phones. The things that can be done on the iPhone are limitless.