Technology Project

  • The Attanasoff -Berry Computer

    The Attanasoff -Berry Computer
    John Vicent builds a full scale machine in Iowa state college. It was complete in 1977, now presented at the computer history museum
  • Harwell Computer

    Harwell Computer
    1951 computer was able to store data and perform basic arithmetic
  • BBC

    Philllips created a network that would broad cast television. Teletex was also involve. Foundation of England.
  • SNA

    IMB build up SNA . After SAGE system not long after was it decided to create.
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    Apple one was released in 1976 by Steve Wozniaks
  • Apple 2

    Apple 2
    Apple followed it up with apple 2 which was more commercial .
  • SAGE

    Design to detect bombers .Theres only 23 computers across america.
  • IBM

    was released in a personal computer market .Influenced PC's later on.
  • ipHONE 1

    ipHONE 1
    Steve decided to annouce to comming of iphone in sanfrancisco.
  • Iphone 3g

    Iphone 3g
    Thinner shape and a plastic back. replicated in anything.
  • iphone 3

    iphone 3
    up to 8 on a 3g
  • iphone 4

    iphone 4
    Face time, Video recording, up to 7 on 3G
  • iphone 4s

    iphone 4s
    Face time up to 8 on a 3G
  • iphone 5

    iphone 5
    Face time , more bytes , and quality
  • iphone 6

    iphone 6
    5.5 in. 8MP image istabilization HB voice.
  • iphone 7

    iphone 7
    annouced in september 7th releases on 16th