Technology Project 3

Timeline created by acsimmon
In History
  • World War II

    the 28 nations at war with Axis powers pledge to make no separate peace deals
  • Hiltler's Operation Sealion

    the invasion of England, is cancelled
  • Roosevelt to MacArthur

    President Franklin Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as American defenses collapse
  • Battle of Los Angeles

    a series of anti-aircraft engagements over the city in response to rumored but false Japanese attack.
  • Total War

    Adolf Hitler declares war on the United States
  • Franklin D Roosevelt

    1st US President to visit a foreign country during wartime
  • Operation Overload

    D-Day postponed until June
  • Integrated Public Schools

    The Supreme Court of the U.S. orders that all public schools be integrated
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, prompting a boycott that would lead to declaration of segregation
  • Laser Intervention

    Gordon Gould, an American physicist, invents the laser
  • Eisenhower's second inaguration

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower is inaugurated for his second term in office.
  • Civil Rights Bill

    U.S. Congress approves the first civil rights bill since reconstruction with additional protection of voting rights
  • 49th State

    Alaska is admitted to the U.S. as the 49th state
  • Presidental Race

    Senator John F. Kennedy wins presidential race to succeed two term president Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Berlin Wall

    The construction of the Berlin wall begins
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965

    The Voting Rirghts Act of 1965 is signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Thurgood Marshall

    Thurgood Marshall is sworn into office as the first black Supreme Court Justice
  • Robert F. Kennedy

    Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy is shot
  • The Death of Martin Luther King

    Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King is assassinated
  • Voting Age

    Senate approves the 26th Constitutional Amendment that would lower the age of voting from 21 to 18
  • Nixon Resigns

    President Richard Nixon avoided impeachment process by resigning the office of presidency
  • 40th President of the United States

    Ronald Reagan elected President of the United States
  • First Space Shuttle

    The first space shuttle is launched from Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center
  • Space Shuttle Challenger

    The space shuttle Challenger explodes during takeoff at Cape Canaveral, killing all 7 astronauts on board.
  • Black Monday

    The stock market crashed
  • 41st President

    Vice President, George H.W. Bush, elected President
  • Gulf War

    The U.S. invasion of Iraq in order to liberate Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm
  • 42nd President

    Bill Clinton elected President of the United States
  • 43rd President of the United States

    George W. Bush, son of former President George H.W. Bush, becomes President of the United States
  • War on Terror

    The war on terror begins with a joint U.S. and U.K. attack on Taiban and Al-Qaeda positions in Afghanistan