Technology Progression Timeline

  • Venmo

    Launched by Andrew Cortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail, venmo created a simple and easy way to transfer money to one another.
  • Ring Doorbell

    Ring Doorbell
    The ring doorbell is a smart doorbell. It is wi-fi enabled and automatically starts recording when its motion-sensors are activated. This makes it a great security system and also allows for communication between home owners and guests. Both invited and uninvited.
  • Falcon 9

    Falcon 9
    Developed by Elon Musk's SpaceX team, the Falcon 9 was a reusable rocket that helped save approximately 3/4 on production costs from a decade ago.
  • Google Assistant

    Google Assistant
    Launched by Google in 2016, Google assistant utilized the use of verbal commands. It can create and send messages, schedule reminders, translate a variety of languages, etc.
  • Crispr

    In 2018, Chinese scientist, He Jiankui, claims to have made the first genetically modified babies. This system consisted of taking out unwanted strands of DNA (ones that contained a disease for example) and replacing it with new DNA.