Technology over the years

  • Morse Code

    Morse Code
    Samuel Morse created a telegraph able to send short and long beeps called dots and dashes creating a new language and form of communication
  • First communications Satellite

    First communications Satellite
    The first ever communications satellite was launched and streamed the Tokyo Olympics world wide
  • Internet was born

    Internet was born
    Robert Kahn and Vincent Cerf invented the internet, funded by and for the US Defenses Department, it wasn't till later on that the internet was available to the world
  • First sent email

    First sent email
    The first ever email was created and sent, in 2020 300.4 billion emails were sent and received every day
  • First mobile phone

    First mobile phone
    Martin Cooper invented the first ever mobile phone!
  • First personal computer

    First personal computer
    The first computer was created and released for purchase, it was small but powerful
  • Microsoft

    Paul Allan and Bill Gates discovered Microsoft, changing the software world
  • Apple is created

    Apple is created
    The famous Apple technology company was founded and created, gaining $365 billion in revenue in just 2020 alone.
  • First Cell phones are available for sale

    First Cell phones are available for sale
    The first cell phones were made available to the world, starting at a whopping almost $4k
  • The world wide web was born

    The world wide web was born
    Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web used by billions today
  • Google is created

    Google is created
    Google, a huge internet browser used by around 4 billion users, was created
  • PayPal is created

    PayPal is created
    PayPal, I world wide used currency app, was created
  • Youtube is created

    Youtube is created
    Youtube, the huge media platform it is today used by over 2.3 billion people, was created
  • Twitter is created

    Twitter is created
    Twitter, a popular sharing social media app used by millions daily, was created
  • Twitch is created

    Twitch is created
    Twitch, a huge live streaming media platform used by around 140 million active users daily, was created
  • iPhone 1st generation came out

    iPhone 1st generation came out
    The first generation smart iPhone by apple was released
  • Minecraft was created

    Minecraft was created
    Minecraft, a widely known and popular video game (that has been many gamers childhoods) with 126 million active users daily, was created
  • Snapchat is created

    Snapchat is created
    Snapchat, a social media communications app used by over a 1/4 billion people, was created
  • Instagram is created

    Instagram is created
    Instagram, a world know social media app that has over 1 billion users today, was created
  • Discord is created

    Discord is created
    Discord, a widely known and used communication app mainly used for gaming, with 140 million active users daily, was created