Technology In The Past On Phones

  • Western Eletric Model 300

    Western Eletric Model 300
    The Western Eletric Model 300 was sometimes easy to use. To ring the police it's 999 it's this number because it was easy to ring on these phones.
  • MTS Phone

    MTS Phone
    The MTS Phone was a moblie telephone service. Normally they were in people's houses.
  • Crosley CR56

    Crosley CR56
    This phone was invented so everyone could use it but they had to pay to use the phone.
  • IMTS Moblie Telephone System

    IMTS Moblie Telephone System
    This phone was invented to replace the MTS. It was like the MTS but a little bit more improved.
  • First Moblie Phone invented

    First Moblie Phone invented
    This phone was invented in 1973 by a man called Martin Cooper. It is invented becauase people needed a way to communicate with each other. It cost 3,500 dollars, not a lot of people had them because they were too dear.
  • Advanced Mobile Phone System

    Advanced Mobile Phone System
    This system was introduced in 1983 by bell systems. It was released after the first moblie phone so people could communicate in the house instead of carrying the phone round with them all the time.
  • First Touch Screen Phone Invented

    First Touch Screen Phone Invented
    The first ver touch screen phone was invented in 1992. The mane of the phone was IBM Simon.
  • The First Phone With Iternet

    The First Phone With Iternet
    This phone is the first web-enabled moblie phone in the world. The people who invented the phone with internet was a company called Unwired Planet.
  • Nokia 6210

    Nokia 6210
    This was one of the first ones where people could text each other as well as calling them.
  • Phones Today

    Phones Today
    This Phone is called the iphone 4S. It is the newest phone that is out right now. It is very different from the first phone invented. This phone has got the interent it has got texting it also has a camera on it which phones never had. Our technology has changed a lot in the last 80 years.