Technology in the 2000's

  • The Samsung SCH-V200

    The Samsung SCH-V200
    The Samsung camera phone was released.
  • Facebook was Created

    Facebook was Created
    The Facebook social media website was created by Mark Zuckerberg. This allowed people from all over the world to interact with each other at no cost.
  • The Ipad Nano

    The Ipad Nano
    This was a portable media player that created a new way of listening to music. I had one and it allowed me to add over 500 songs if I needed to. This was the device that eliminated the need for my Walkman.
  • The Samsung P2

    The Samsung P2
    I didn't have one of these, but this was a rival the Ipad Nano. It was Samsung's version of portable media player. It had a touchscreen and bluetooth capability.
  • The Apple Ipad

    The Apple Ipad
    This was the toy that I wanted the most, but wasn't able to get one for many years as it was so expensive. With the Ipad you could listen to music, browse the internet, take pictures and video, and it even had a virtual keyboard.