Technology in the 1990s

  • Photoshop 1.0 Released

    Photoshop 1.0 Released
    Created by Thomas and John Knoll,
    Adobe Photoshop was the first picture editing software for a computer. Photoshop has grown to be known worldwide today and still remains one of the best picture editing softwares available.
  • Powerbook Laptops Introduced

    Powerbook Laptops Introduced
    Created by Apple,
    Powerbook laptops replaced Apple company's previous portable computer that did not do so well in the marketplace, the Macintosh Portable. The new design has been praised multiple times and was named the 10th greatest PC of all time by PC World.
  • Nokia 1011

    Nokia 1011
    Created by Nokia,
    the Nokia 1011 was the first cell phone from the well-known brand Nokia. While cell phones have existed since the 80's, this was the first mass-produced GSM phone.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    On July 23, 1996, the Nintendo 64, created by the company Nintendo, was released in Japan. Being the first gaming console to have a joystick as its primary control, it became a breakthrough in gaming technology.
  • The Founding of Google

    The Founding of Google
    Co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September of 1998, Google would grow to become the largest and most widely used search engine of all time, changing the way that we as humans receive information forever.