Technology in the 1990s

By JalenD
  • WorldWideWeb, the first Web browser

    WorldWideWeb, the first Web browser
    Invented by: Tim Berners-Lee
    Description: The WorldWideWeb was the first Web browser. It allowed everyone with a computer connected to the internet to browse website to website.
  • First SMS text message sent

    First SMS text message sent
    Invented by: Bernard Ghillebaert and Friedhelm Hillebrand
    Description: Neil Papworth sent the first text message (Merry Christmas) which changed how we communicate with each other. More text, less talking.
  • PlayStation

    Invented by: Ken Kutaragi of Sony
    Description: Introduced gaming as we know it today. Great graphics, virtual worlds, more complex gameplay.
  • PalmPilot

    Invented by: Jeff Hawkins
    Description: Personal Digital Assistant. Electronic version of an organizer - address book, calculator, note pad, calendar, and expenses. Sync up with desktops.
  • Google

    Invented by: Larry Page and Sergey Brin
    Description: Google indexed online information around the world which made searching and researching faster and better. And now Google is so much more.