Technology in my Lifetime

Timeline created by tomarabia
  • First digital cell phone

    First digital cell phone
    Cell phones a pretty important now and this was like forward progress.
  • First HD TV

    HD TV is awsome. I have one in my room and everything looks so much more vivid.
  • Digital Answering Machine

    Let people know why others were calling. I use this alot.
  • Pentium Proicessor Invented

    This processor mad computers much more powerful and helps them opperate faster. Helped make the computers we have today.
  • The first DVD

    The first DVD
    DVD's were a step up from VHS and paved the way for blu ray
  • automatic window cleaners

    I plan on putting these on my house because that sounds awsome.
  • The first iPod

    This was the first music player apple had released and became very popular.
  • YouTube

    I use youtube alot to listen to muic and stuff, its pretty useful.
  • Twitter

    Pretty big social network now, I'm about twitter Follow me: @tomarabia12
  • First iPhone

    I don't have an iPhone, but everybody else does. Rough life, I know.