The 1920’s was widely known for rebellion, jazz music, and flappers. It was the decade long party before the depression hit, however, what most people dont realize is the technological impact it had with inventions that are still used today. With a fast paced lifestyle, the first instant camera, which was invented by Samuel Shlafrock in 1923, cut out the waiting in dark rooms for images to process.

    When stepping into your car, what is one of the first things done? For a lot of people, it's ritualistic to switch on some tunes. Its become so normal that many don't even imagine a time without loud speaker systems, but those weren't invented till the year 1924 by Chester Rice and Edward Kellogg. Instead of requiring a live band anywhere you went, the public had accessibility to blasting music in their own homes, which is probably why the roaring 20’s is described as such, roaring.

    In 1925, with newfound inventions the idea of television made its way into the scene. Twenty one year old Philo Taylor Farnsworth began to wonder how to get moving pictures on a screen and found a way to code the images and move them along radio waves beginning with lines. Though the first electronic television wasnt much to work with, it definitely was a kickstart into the world we know today, full of screens on billboards, in our pockets, and even on our wrists.

    AMI created the first phonograph speaker that had the ability to play both sides of a record. They had the ability to provide as many as 10 records at the time, and those numbers increase as the jukebox progressed. It was called the automatic coin operated phonographs, but were also known as jooks. The name Jukebox didnt come along till the 1930's.

    Though electric razors had been previously patented since the 1900’s, it wasn't until a retired US Army Colonel applied for a patent in 1928, considering his product to be the first electric razor. However, it wasnt officially placed on the market until the year 31'. Straight blades and double sided continued to shift with the times as did Jacob Schick’s motorized razor, but today we see a nearly completely different models with unique features including wireless and waterproof electric razors.