Technology from the 1990s

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  • AMD Am386 Release

    AMD Am386 Release
    The AMD AM386 microprocessor was released in 1991 and was significant because it positioned AMD as a legitimate competitor to Intel, which in turn helped drive companies to be more competitive in quality and consumer prices. Not only that, but technologically speaking, this microprocessor proved to have better performance, ran cooler, used less power, and introduced a number of new innovative features such as sleep-mode for laptops.
  • World Wide Web launch

    World Wide Web launch
    In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, made his invention available for public use. The invention vastly shaped society as we know it. It became a way for people to share and access information through a search engine on the internet that they could browse at will. Today this invention has became an everyday tool for the public and something that has allowed for an ever-growing web of knowledge.
  • Linux development and release

    Linux development and release
    Linux is an operating system that manages hardware resources and provides an environment where applications can run. The operating system allows applications to store information, send documents to printers, interact with users and other things.This is significant because of it is a free, open source platform that allows it to be easily available for everyone.
  • First multimedia computer released (MPC)

    First multimedia computer released (MPC)
    In 1992 Radio Shack became one of the first to release an MPC (multimedia personal computer). In turn what this means is that these computers were capable of running programs that combine video, animation, audio, and graphics. This was significant to society as it pushed personal technology further for the consumers and mainstreamed the technology even further due to its multitude of functions.
  • Java launch

    Java launch
    James Gosling began working on Java in 1991 in an effort to create a new programming language that would allow consumer electronic devices to communicate with each other. It is currently one of the most popular programming languages used to create web applications and platforms.It is significant in today's society for its ability to allow developers to have the flexibility to write code on any machine regardless of architecture and or platform.