Technology from 2010-2015

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  • Creation of 3D

    Creation of 3D
    It helped make viewing much more vivid and exciting.
  • First commercially available jet pack

    First commercially available jet pack
    Helped spread awareness that new technology is possible and very likely.
  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels
    Helped to find a new resource for energy.
  • Ford rear Inflatable Seat Belt

    Ford rear Inflatable Seat Belt
    New technology for saving lives.
  • IPad Mini

    IPad Mini
    New technology by Apple.
  • IPhone 5

    IPhone 5
    Newest Iphone is released.
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

    Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
    Newest technology by Amazon.
  • Google Chromecast

    Google Chromecast
    Bringing faster and more reliable internet services.
  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay
    Paying through the technology is now possible.
  • Microscale 3-D Printing

    Microscale 3-D Printing
    Newest technology for printing in a more advanced way.
  • Mobile Payment

    Mobile Payment
    New updating for mobile payment.
  • Apple Smartwatch

    Apple Smartwatch
    Meant to bring the possiblities of you phone and watch together on your wrist.
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    Technology from 2010-2015