Technology and developments 1999-2011

By ameecho
  • Ipod classic

    Ipod classic
    One of the first products by the Apple company. The first generaion of the ipod. Can listen to music on this,
  • Friendster

    One of the first ever social networking sites created. Csn play games in it as well as socializing with others.
  • Skype

    A online chat program. Instant messages can be sent to others who has a skype account. You can video call others on skype, you can also voice call others on skype.
  • Facebook

    One of the most successful social networking sites. Millions of people around the globe use facebook. Can chat, post photos, links and videos on wall. Has lots of games you can play on Fcaebook.
  • twitter

    Another popular social networking site. Can 'tweet' what you are doing so other people can see it too. Can post photos on twitter. It's mostly used for updating news about something.
  • Mac book air (original)

    Mac book air (original)
    The first generation Macbook air was promoted as 'world's thinnest laptop'. It can do mostly everything that normal computers can do, with special Apple apps on the laptop.
  • Canon 450d

    Canon 450d
    This camera is one of the most popular DSLR camera produced by Canon. Can take professional photos. 12.2 effective megapixels, 4,272 × 2,848, automatic pop-up flash and more.
  • Samsung Galexy S

    Samsung Galexy S
    One of the best selling smartphones these days, it is quickly catching up with the Iphones. Able to take photos, access the internet, apps, call, text and more.
  • ipad 2

    ipad 2
    It is a tablet computer, marketed by Apple. The second generation of the ipad. HD tap screen, can play games on this, text others, access the internet and more.
  • tumblr

    A online blog creator. Able to post photos, gifs, audio, links, quotes and videos on their blogs. Can eit blog with HTML codes. Tumblr is a great place to share photos.