technology 2000's

  • Myspace

    Myspace was created in 2003.
    It was a social network platform.
    The creators were Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe.
    Myspace was the start of people sharing photos, media, daily life status. It kept friends and family in contact over the web.
  • bluetooth

    Bluetooth came out in 2004.
    It was able to connect devices wirelessly.
    It makes everything easier to be transferred over or to be connect for music at a certain distance.
  • iPod shuffle

    iPod shuffle
    iPod shuffle was released in 2005.
    it was a brand by apple.
    The iPod shuffle was able to hold our favorite songs we liked that we downloaded to it.
  • Wii

    The Wii was created in 2006.
    It was a newer version of the Nintendo.
    The Wii was used for physical activity and wire
  • Apple (iPhones)

    Apple (iPhones)
    It was launched in stores in 2007.
    This is the iPhone by Apple
    The creator is Steve Jobs.
    The iPhone is one of the most used cellphone devices. That is able to help us talk and search the web