By Beth W
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  • USB

    The USB was created for portable storage. Lots of schools encourage students to bring USBs to class so that the students can save their work and continue with it at home.
  • Camera Phone

    Camera Phone
    The camera phone is a combination of a phone and a camera! It is a lot easier to carry around one little device than to carry round a phone and a large camera.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is a social networking site. It was the cause of some of the riots in England. Facebook was created to connect people acroos the globe.
  • HD DVD

    HD DVD
    HD DVD is not as popular as Blu-Ray but is still the basic idea. Storing more data and presenting it in a higher quality.
  • Blu-Ray

    Blu-Ray quickly replaced HD DVD. Blu-Ray uses blue lasers to scan the disk hence the name BLU-ray. It was created to store more data and to present the content in a higher quality than normal DVDs. You cannot use a normal DVD player with a Blu-Ray disk but you can use a DVD in a Blu-Ray player.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    The Nintendo Wii is an interactive gaming console. You have a remote sending signals to the Wii box which is connected to the TV.
  • iPhone

    The iPhone was created to bring everything together e.g. phone, email, games, internet, camera, touch screen, etc. Unfortunately the screen isn't very big but that is why the iPad was created shorlty after!!
  • 3D TV

    3D TV
    In-depth entertainment. That is why the 3D TV was created. Instead of using red and blue glasses there are specially designed glasses that are connected to the TV. These are what give the TV the 3D effect.
  • iPad

    The iPad is more portable than the MacBook and has a larger screen than iPhone so it is easier to see what you are doing. You can get an app called Viber - free calling - on the iPad so with the app you can call, access the internet, play games and take photos (iPad 2).
  • MacBook

    The MacBook. The MacBook is a faster alternative to Windows. The actual laptop is sleeker and better-looking than HP laptops.