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    Technology Growth

  • E-Mail

    The E-Mail was invented and used for the first time it let people send each other messages via computers to anywhere they had access to a computer.
  • Ethernet Cable

    Ethernet Cable
    The Ethernet cable was invented by Bob Metcalfe and his associate David Boggs. Ethernet allows numerous computers to be linked together over a network. Similar to playing an online game.
  • Camcorder

    In 1983 Sony Entertainment invented the Camcorder. This piece of technology allowed people to video tape themselves and re-play it at any given time. It allowed families to capture their memories.
  • World wide Web/Internet

    World wide Web/Internet
    The world wide web was invented in 1990. This enabled anyone with a computer to access the internet. Many new websites were introduced, this made the Web extremely fun and addicting for many as it still is today.
  • Hubble Telescope

    Hubble Telescope
    This was a major breakthrough in technology. Nobody had ever heard of a Space Telescope before. The Hubble telescope gave us new ways to look at the world and provided us with many stunning pictures of space.
  • The Segway

    The Segway
    The segway combined an eletric scooter with higher speeds and more safety, even though the inventor of the Segway drove his Segway off a cliff leading to his death.
  • YouTube

    This added more fun the the Internet by allowing people to post videos of themselves or others doing things. Many of the YouTube videos are very entertaning.
  • Apple iPhone

    Apple iPhone
    Apple invented the iPhone. This was one of the first phones that was given the name of the "Smartphone". With applications and a touch screen this phone simply made life easier.
  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad
    This was just a larger version of the iPhone, but it was also considered a fantatic alternative to a laptop. Many people made the switch soon after the iPad came out.
  • 3D Television

    3D Television
    The 3D television allowed people to buy a TV and watch anything in 3D. This made movie theatre trips less needed because you could watch anything in 3D in the comfort of your own home.