Technologies that enhanced our lives in the past 10 years

Timeline created by mouadzayed
  • I pad

    I pad
    The Ipad was the same as an iPhone except it was bigger in size in which helped many businesses in meetings and conferences and also helped people with their presentations
  • Google +

    Google +
    Google+ was a new social networking concept discovered by google in which they promised to redefine the social networking world and to be honest, it did to a certain extent but it also brought a new way of talking to people such as google hangouts
  • I phone 5

    I phone 5
    I phone 5 caused quite uproar in the tech world in 2012 because apple really upgraded its standards by increasing the screen and phone size and it revolutionized the new path of designing apple phones.
  • segway (hoverboard)

    segway (hoverboard)
    segways was a new type of technology that allowed humans transportation to be much easier by balancing themselves on a scooter and it moves them to any direction they desire.
  • Var Technology

    Var Technology
    Var technology is a new of refereeing introduced to the world of soccer where fouls and goals must be confirmed by var cameras that are placed all around the pitch to capture any fouls and also goal-line technology to determine it is a goal or not in which provide a fair way of soccer essentially.