Technological Timeline

Timeline created by Big Papa Quinlan
  • First Apple Computer

    First Apple Computer
    In 1984, Steve Jobs created the first apple computer. he called it the Apple Lisa. This led to the further development of other apple inventions that i use today like the iPod or iPad.
  • Laptops

    without the laptop, i would not be able to have a portable computer where i can type things in a car, bus, train, plain, or even in front of the television.
  • Launch of the email

    Launch of the email
    The email was put onto the internet and made public to the world. I use my email to receive all sorts of information for colleges, news updates, big savings, and more.
  • Yahoo! was created

    Yahoo! was created
    Two stanford students created a way to keep track of web sites that interested them. They soon named it Yahoo! i currently use Yahoo! for my email.
  • amazon and ebay

    amazon and ebay
    In 1995, the websites amazon and ebay first opened for public use. I used amazon once to buy a book and have used ebay many times to buy a lot of valuable stuff.
  • The First DVD Player

    The First DVD Player
    In November of 1996, the DVD player was created. I use a DVD player on occasion to watch movies.
  • The first MP3 Player

    The first MP3 Player
    In 1998, a Korean company created the first device that you can listen to music with. I use an Mp3 player all of the time to listen to music.
  • Invention of Google

    Invention of Google
    The invention of Google has changes my life drastically because without google, I would not have completed so many assignments or learned so much information.
  • YouTube was created

    YouTube was created
    In 2005, youtube was given to the public. it was later bought by google for $1.65 billion. I have used YouTube twice before to share some videos that i have made with me and my friends.
  • Creation of Twitter

    Creation of Twitter
    Twitter is a very popular online communication app that i use on occasion to let everyone know whats going on in my life.