tech timeline

  • Oculus Rift DK1

    One of the first trials for VR by Facebook, and a predecessor to the oculus quest 2. helps show how far VR tech has gone.
    Created by Oculus
  • Google Glass

    Beginning of google glass project, with a hopefully upgraded product coming in 2024
    Created by Google
  • Daydream View

    A step backwards in VR tech and a big flop, as it relied solely on having a phone to view content, and having 1 pointer to navigate. Helped narrow what the market wanted and what t o develop.
    Created by Google
  • Vuzix Blade Upgraded glasses

    One of the best market ar glasses, and a possible leading competitor in glasses/ AR technology
    Created by Vuzix
  • oculus quest 2

    One of the more popular VR headseats that is also cheap. Corner of VR tech as Facebook tried to make the Metaverse.
    Created by Oculus