Tech of the 90's 1990-1999

  • Invention of Linux

    Invention of Linux
    LinuxOS was invented by Linus Torvalds while attending the University of Helsinki. Linux is one of the largest and most widely used OS's in the world and is the basis of the Android Operating system. With it being open source, there are limitless iterations of Linux
  • SMS is Invented

    The messaging system that just about everyone utilizes on a daily basis is born. Created by Richard Jarvis of Vodafone, the first text was "Merry Christmas" and typed on a computer
  • Amazon is Founded

    Amazon is Founded
    The online ecommerce giant is born from blood, sweat, and tears of Jeff Bezos. Its most influential impact on our lives today has been the murder of traditional retail stores and further feeding people into a consumerist mindset
  • DVDs

    Revolutionary for its time as it allowed for 8.5 gb of data to be stored on a single disc. This new format would completely knockout VHS into obscelence and would go on to lead the creation of the Blu-Ray disc indirectly. These discs were scratch resilient and near indestructible (compared to VHS) and they (alongside the CD) would be and still remain to be a standard method of loading software onto computers and for use as storage mediums.
  • Goooooogle

    Love them or hate them, the search engine that has even become its own verb is founded. A rather simplistic layout and new algorithm to bring up more relevant data made Google the dominant search engine in use even today. It is The go-to search engine.