• Microsoft Surface

    Microsoft Surface
    The Microsoft Surface was created in 2012 by Microsoft. It benefited us by creating a touch screen laptop that we can take on the go for important events.
  • Xbox one

    Xbox one
    The xbox one was created by Microsoft in 2013. It provided gamers with a better resolution and better performance compared to their older xbox.
  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6
    The iPhone 6 was created by Apple in 2014. The iPhone has proven to keep on improving as time goes on with new releases.
  • Airpods

    Airpods were created in 2016 by Apple. It was something completely new and surprised everyone. Although Bluetooth headphones already existed, everyone loved the new look of apples version.
  • Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch
    The Switch was created by Nintendo in 2017. The switch was a great form of entertainment with family and friends and was great for playing alone on the go. It was like a ds and wii in one.