tea act

  • tea act

    one of the most controversial decrees made by the british empire in all of american history was the tea act. it was an act astablished on 1773 by british parliment it constantly made tea cheaper.
  • Boston tea party

    The tea act passed by parliament on may 10 1773 they dumped 342 whole crates of british tea into the boston harbor on december 16 1773. If people did not pay tax the colonist would tar them then cover them in feathers and force tea into there mouth.This is very important because everyone loved there tea and they were just dumping it.
  • Stamp act

    Instituted in november 1765 every newspaper pamphlet and other public and legibal document have to have astamp or british seal. This act was not so important beacause no one really cared about letters or sending notes.
  • sugar act

    1764 act that put a three cent tax on foreign refined sugar and increased tax on coffee indigo and certian kinds of wine.it banned importation of rum and wine. this was not that important because people did not care about the tax on those certian things.
  • french and indian war

    The french and indian war was over land in the ohio vally it started 1756 ended 1763 the english won the french lost all their land. this was an important act because th french not only lost but lost all of there land to.