Susan B. Anthony

  • Siblings

    Susan's older sister was born. Her name was Guelma Anthony. Daniel and Luce named ther after the wife of the late seventeenth-century Quaker leader William Penn. She later died of illness in 1873.
  • Guelma Anthony

    Guelma Penn Anthony was Daniel and Lucy Read Anthony's oldest child. Daniel named their firstborn for the wife of the late seventeenth-century Quaker leader William Penn.
  • Birth

    Susan B. Anthony was born February 15 in Massachusettes. She had four sisters and two brothers.
  • Daniel Read

    He was an authur. Daniel was elected major at Leavenworth in 1863. He was known to be the most ablest man.
  • Moving

    Moves to Battonville, NY.
  • Mary Anthony

    A ounger sister of Susan B. Anthony. Mary Anthony was an early supporter of women's suffrage, and signed the Declaration of Sentiments at the Rochester meeting held after the Seneca Falls Convention August 1, 1848. She was also a teacher and longtime principal in the Rochester, N.Y. school district.
  • School

    Her father established a school for her brothers and sisters. The neighbors also got educated here as well.
  • Eliza Anthony

    Eliza only lived to be two years old. She died of Scarlet Fever in 1834
  • Issues

    Daniel Anthony, susans dad, takes her and her sister out of school because of bankruptcy. Then they lose their house.
  • Teaching

    Susan becumes a teacher at Canajoharie Academy. She gets paid $110 a year.She taught for ten years.
  • Anti-slavery

    Susan becomes part of the antislavery movement. They met at a farm almost every Sunday. Her two brothers also joined the antislavery movement.
  • Womens Rights

    Susan attends a Womens Rights Convention. When she met Elizabeth Cady Canton, she said it was the beggining of her interest in Womens Rights.
  • Reform

    She joins the Women Suffrage campaign speaking and traveling alone. She is refused permission to speak at the capitol.
  • Marriage

    Susan married Cody Stanton. They had no children.
  • Civil War

    The war started when Confederate warshis invaded the Union sodliers at Fort Sumter. Approximaly 620,000 slodiers died in this major battle. It ended in spring, 1865 when Robert E. Lee surrendered.
  • Atlanta is Burned

    William Sherman burns Atlanta. 230000 were killed. It caused $2.1 million in damage.
  • Prison

    Susan goes to jail for voting in the 1872 Presidential election. She had to pay a $100 fine but she refused.
  • Stanton Dies

    Cody Stanton dies of heart failure in 1902.
  • Susan B. Anthony dies

    She died in her home in Rochester, New York. Susan died a very proud woman.
  • 19th Amendmant

    As a final tribute to Susan B. Anthony, the Nineteenth Amendment was named the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.