Surveillance Timeline: 1970-2032

  • Video Monitoring Booms

    When this book, 1984, by George Orwell was published there was an interest in video monitoring, and made the idea popular for the first time.
  • Law Enforcement Use

    U.S. Law Enforcement began using surveillance for the first time,
  • Home Security System

    Marie Brown used a home television to be utilized as a Home Security System
  • Period: to

    Video Surveillance and Spy Equipment History

  • FBI Surveillance

    The FBI crosses every boundary such as, hacking into private files, houses, installing hidden cameras, and eavesdrops. Just recently has the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act become updated and given more weapons to do their job. This is the side many americans will never see or hear of.
  • Nanny Cam

    High Resolution cameras were invented arousing the interest of using smaller cameras.
  • Workplace Surveillance

    Employees calls, emails, websites, and voice calls are now being monitored by employers for a handful of purposes.
  • Spy Satellites

    Spy satellites are developed to be used commercially, and enter the market, with resolution up to 1meter.
  • DVR Surveillance

    DVR Surveillance systems that can be used anywhere from a house, to law enforcement buildings, to warehouses, are sold on the market, making surveillance boom again.
  • Shift on Outlook

    After the World Trade Center was hit, safety became the means of indivual people, instead of just essential video surveillance.

    The Automated Warning and Response Engine is creating the panoramic view of all the cameras in the area put together, and instead of a person, a computer analyzes anything suspicious.
  • Future of Privacy

    The novel Spying with Maps is published, telling how the increased use of satellite imagery, tracking devices and traffic engineering will affect society's future.
  • Pat Downs

    Airport body scans has reached a peak, and is pushing how far a government is going, and what is now becoming acceptable, like spying to see someone naked in an airport scanner.
  • Internet Surveillance

    Laptops have provided a scary surveillance system. With its portability, it has provided video surveillance to be taken from any location. With use of the Web Cam
  • Scanning Faces

    Hitachi developed a new suveillance system that can scan up to 36 million faces in one second. It can even pick up faces that are advertised on a six pack.
  • Singularity

    This greater than human intelligence could come as early as 2050, operate machinery, take surveillance and add vast opportunites to society.