Timeline created by 001120405
  • The First Sunglasses

    The First Sunglasses
    These sunglassesd did not block out the sun very well. They made it uncmofortable for whoever wore it, definitely the worst pair of sunglasses.
  • The 40's Style

    The 40's Style
    These sunglasses were easier to wear, & were more comfortable, but they did shield your eyes from the sun better than the 30's pair.
  • The 50's Sunglasses

    The 50's Sunglasses
    These sunglasses looked attractive to wear, were easier to see out of, because they had a better lense installed.
  • The 60's Hippy Style

    The 60's Hippy Style
    These sunglasses had a darker lense meaning the sun wasnt even a bother anymore.
  • The 70's Retro Sunglasses

    The 70's Retro Sunglasses
    These sunglasses had the same assets as the 60's sunglasses did just a more hippy model.
  • The 80's Party Style

    The 80's Party Style
    These sunglasses were just for parties, the 80's were pretty care free with these sunglasses.
  • The 90's Laidback Style

    The 90's Laidback Style
    These sunglasses had a darker lense, better fit, & all around better everything.
  • Present Day Sunglasses

    Present Day Sunglasses
    These sunglasses are the sleek, & shiny sunglasses we see today. These are the best, beating out the 1900's forsure.