Sulfa Drugs

  • Period: to

    Sulfa drugs

  • Synthesis

    if the sulfa had not been synthesized probably could not have been known to use today gives
  • Prontosil

    if the Bayer laboratory had not begun to perform tests with prontosil perhaps would not exist today sulfa drugs
  • Patente

    if the investigadors had not patented his discovery probably would not have recovered your investment
  • Official comunication

    Official comunication
    If the first official communication about the discovery of sulfa drugs has not been published perhaps any other researcher could have continued with research
  • Sulfanilamide disaster

    Sulfanilamide disaster
    if sulfa absence had not occurred the elixir sulfanilamide disaster that killed 100 people by poisoning
  • Regulation

    if the disaster of sulfanilamide had no occurred had not been regulated and passage of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic
  • Distributtion

    if the laboratories had not demonstrated the effectivity of sulfa drugs probably not have produced thousands of tons of sulfa drugs for distribution in every world
  • Experiments

    if the doctor shad not conducted experiments with sulfa perhaps american soldiers had not been saved by the infection of various injuries
  • Efectivity

    if the Nazis had not experimented with the sulfa drugs in prisoners may not be known for its high effectivity
  • Wonderful invention

    Wonderful invention
    if don't exist sulfa drugs today, billions of people would have died from systemic infections worldwide, which demonstrates how necessary it was this wonderful invention