Stolen by Lucy Christopher, fiction, 299 pages

By ja_bear
  • Pages 1-65

    In the first pages of the, A teenage girl named Gemma meets a guy named Ty at the airport. He drugs her drink and he steals her. He ends up taking her to the middle of a huge desert in Australia where he tries to get her to get used to it there. He tells her that he loves her and that she will eventually love him.
  • Pages 65- 220, (total-

    In these pages, Gemma still tryies fighting Ty and tries to escape many times, She ends up going into teh desert with his car but she doesnt make it far and Ty comes and saves her with the Camel.
  • Pages 220-299, (total- 1,558)

    In these last pages, Gemma finishes her letter to Ty and tells him that in a way she fell in love with him but that the letter as teh last contact they could ever have with each other. She realizes that he really wasnt all bad, just parts of him were.