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In History
  • Bootleggers

    Al Capone in Chicago highlights darker side of prohibition
  • Steel Strike Ends

    the Great Steel Strike ends
  • Start of Prohibition

    18th Amendment passed and alcohol is banned in US
  • legal action

    Official legal action takes place if anyone violates 18 amendment
  • 19th Amendment

    Woman right to vote
  • Presidency

    Warren Harding becomes president
  • Stock Market

    Stock Market Crashes
  • Herbert Hoover

    enters the White House
  • Low Employment

    employment averages 3.2%
  • Wall Street Crashes

    Stock Market Crashes, starts the Great depression
  • Severe drought

    severe droughts hit Midwest and Southern Plains, crops die, "black blizzards" begin
  • Roosevelt Presidency

    country is in desperate straits, he will take quick steps to declare four-day bank holiday
  • Cullen-Harrison Act

    allows some alcohol to be made and sold
  • Emergency Farm Mortgage Act

    $200 million for refinancing to help farmers face foreclosures
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps

    opens first soil erosion control camp in Clayton County, Alabama
  • Prohibition is repealed

    with the 21st amendment the prohibition law is taken away
  • dust storms spread

    Storms spread from Dust Bowl area, drought is worst ever in US history, covers more than 75% of the country, affects 27 stattes
  • Yearbook of Agriculture

    approximately 35 million acres have been destroyed
  • Taylor Grazing Act

    Roosevelt signs the Taylor Grazing Act
  • Social Security

    Social security act was signed
  • Black Sunday

    worst black blizzard of the Dust Bowl
  • Drought Continues

    work re-plowing land into furrows, plants trees, and other methods reduce soil blowing by 65%
  • Dust Bowl Ends

    rain finally comes and removes drought, 6,500 people were killed during the Dust Bowl
  • Depression ends

    Joining WWII, money was brought to the US
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
  • JFK

    JFK is elected president
  • Protests

    lots of protesting was held, such as the student movement, Anti-Vietnam movement, the women's movement, and the gay rights movement
  • I Have A Dream

    MLK gives his famous speech, thousands listen and protest this movement
  • Civil Rights Law

    President Johnson signs Civil Rights Movement act, states you cannot discriminate sex, origin, or race
  • Rolling Thunder

    US bombing campaign
  • MLK's March

    MLK led a march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama
  • supporters march

    people who supported Vietnam went against other protests
  • Inflation

    inflation rate was going up
  • Peace Talks

    Paris peace talks aim at ending the war
  • Moon Landing

    this was the best thing that came form the 60's