Steve Jobs timeline

  • Born

    Born in San Francisco and was ready to be adopted by Paul and Clara jobs
  • Move to Paulo Alto

    Job's family moves to Palo Alto
  • Steve Wozniak

    Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak.
  • 1972

    Steve and Woz build and sell illegally blue boxes to Berkeley students.
  • Drop out

    Steve spends one semester at Reed College, Oregon, then drops out.
  • Apple garage

    Steve and Woz start assembling Apple I computers in the Jobs' garage, and sell them for hobbie
  • Apple incorporation

    Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne.
  • Hire Mike Scott

    Mike Markkula invests in Apple and hires Mike Scott as CEO. Woz is forced to leave HP
  • First mass-market

    The Apple II becomes the first mass-market personal computer,
  • Pixar + Discover

    Jobs buys a division of George Lucas' ILM for $10 million and incorporates it as Pixar.Aug. Pixar unveils John Lasseter’s short film Luxo Jr. at SIGGRAPH.Steve discovers his biological mother and sister, novelist Mona Simpson.
  • New invention

    Apple is profitable again.Steve Jobs introduces Apple's revolutionary iMac.
  • Shut down Pixar

    Steve shuts down all of Pixar’s hardware operations.
  • Marriage

    Steve Jobs marries Laurene Powell.May Pixar signs a deal with Disney to make a computer-animated feature film.Fall Laurene gives birth to Steve’s first son, Reed Paul.
  • Ending

    Jan. 5 Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence for six months.Apr. Steve has surgery for a liver transplant.Aug. 3 Google CEO Eric Schmidt leaves Apple's board because of conflicting interests due to Android.Aug. 28 Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, stripped off any code from the original Mac OS.Sep. 9 Steve Jobs makes his first public appearance of the year at an Apple Music Event.
  • Ipad

    Steve Jobs unveils iPad, the much-anticipated Apple tablet
  • Period: to

    Steve Jobs

  • Resign from Apple

    Steve jobs resines from Apple because of his cancer