Steve Jobs Timeline

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  • The Early Years

    The Early Years
    Steven Paul (Steve Jobs) was born in San Francisco, California on this day
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    Steve Jobs Timeline

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found Apple Computers
  • The First Sale

    The First Sale
    The Apple 1 computer costing about $666.66 goes on sale by the summer
  • Steve Jobs Leaves Apple

    Steve Jobs Leaves Apple
    Steve left apple and soon after started NeXT, a company that tried to build a computer to revolutionize higher education.
  • Pixar

    For 10 million dollars, Jobs buys the Graphics Group division of Lucasfilm that becomes Pixar Animation Studios.
  • New Laptop

    New Laptop
    Apple releases the Powerbook 100 Series of laptops.
  • Introduces Macintosh

    Introduces Macintosh
    Apple introduces the Power Macintosh computers.
  • The Return of Apple

    The Return of Apple
    Steve returns to Apple, as an advisor, after it buys NeXT for $429 million.
  • Introduces Apple Store

    Introduces Apple Store
    Apple introduces the Appe Store, which lets comsumers custom-order Apple products directly from the company online.
  • iBook

    Apple releases the iBook.
  • IPod

    Apple introduces the first iPod. Over 300 million have been sold since.
  • Itunes Music Store

    Itunes Music Store
    Apple launches the iTunes Music Store. Within a week it sold over a million songs.
  • Cancer

    Steve Jobs undergoes surgery for pancreatic cancer.