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Stephen Allan Spielberg

  • Born

    Stephen Allan Spielberg born in Cincinnati Ohio, USA. December 18, 1946
  • First Movie

    First Movie
    At age 12 made his first 9 minute movie on a 8mm called The Last Gunfight for boy scout merit badge. He would take his fathers camera every time he went away with the boy scouts
  • First Prize

    First Prize
    At age 13 he made a 40 minute war file titled Escape to Nowhere with his toy Lionel train set and which he produced and directed. He won first prize in a statewide competition
  • Director

    In 1969 he got his first job directing a pilot episode Night Gallery. The pilot featured Joan Crawford who was horrified of inexperienced person directing her. He tried to do different camera shots but they told him to shoot it quickly
  • Low Budget Film

    In 1970 he tried to raise money for a making his own low budget film but was unable to raise enough money so then turned to writing screenplays
  • Universal Studios

    Universal Studios
    In 1971 Universal Studios hired him to direct four TV films
  • Jaws

    In 1975 he was hired to direct Jaws which was a huge success for him and this movie made him a name. This film won 3 academy awards. This film was also very dangerous for him during filming as he almost drowned and missed being crushed by boats.
  • Best Office

    Best Office
    In 1977 to 1987 he directed many box office hit movies including E,T. Indiana Jones, and Empire of the Sun
  • Warner Bros

    Warner Bros
    In the 1980s he started directing firms for Warner Bros
  • George Lucas

    George Lucas
    In 1981 with George Lucas he helped produce Raiders of the Lost Ark which was part of the Indiana Jones sequels and won 5 academy awards Stephen Spielberg received his 2nd nomination for best director and best picture
  • Production Company

    Production Company
    In 1984 Stephen Spielberg and two other people started a production company called Amblin Entertainment.. It is named after Stephen Spielberg first released film Ambin from 1968. The logo for Amblin Entertainment is from the movie E.T, The Extra Terrestial in. which Stephen Spielbert directed
  • Break

    In 1994 he took a break f rom directing to spend time with his family and also to setup a new studio called Dreamworks. He also continued to with Amblin and helped direct movies for other studios. Steven Spielberg has 7 children
  • Life Magazine

    In 1996 he was in Life Magazine as the most influential person of his generation. He is also known for one of the most successful directors in history
  • Film Projects

    In the mid 2000s he decided to not direct as many films and decided to be more selective on the films he would do
  • Motion Capture Films

    Motion Capture Films
    In early 2009 he shot the first film in a planned trilogy of motion capture films
  • Awards

    As of 2021 Stephen Spielberg has won 34 academy awards and 11 golden globe awards. He is one of the best know directors in history as he has tried all different kinds of techniques with the camera which is why he is so well known as a director and producer