Stellaris Catastrophy Timeline

  • Draigliens go to space

  • Light of Katalia

    Draigliens Found the Light of Katalia.
  • Goddam Communists

    Inheritors of Yiesha encountered a bunch of goddam Zuifvan communists.
  • Period: to

    Tensions Rise between Communist and Inheritors

  • Why are aliens communist ?

  • Draigliens Encounters Pink Mushroom Aliens

  • Draigliens arrive, everything dies

    A Massive Schock waves scours a continent clean of life.
  • Draigliens loose the Space race

  • Communists or Monsters

    There are only 2 choices : Communists or Monsters.
    Those are the same choices.
  • Draigliens found an apple

  • How do I become a democracy ?

    Inheritors discover there are a LOT of Space USAs around.
  • Draigliens switch Excavation Leader, nobody notices

  • More Aliens

  • Inheritors search for aliens

    Because Communists need something OTHER than then to hate.
  • Found Non-Communists

    They are corporate colonianists.
  • Period: to

    Draiglien Puppy War

  • Inheritors jinx themselves

    Communists and Megocorps ?
    No way those 2 are gonan work together, right, *right ?*
  • Draigliens get insulted...

    ...while murdering the person insulting them via orbital bombarment.
  • Marauders Chill on Ocean World

    Which is devoid of anything.
    Guess its a beach episode.
  • Inheritors do a 9000 IQ

    You can't rival me if I am pathetic !
    Also people will guarantee my independence if I am pathetic !
  • Jess-inax Guarantee Inheritors

    Yiesha : It's all coming together...
  • Draigliens notice Themselves

    Draigliens :
    Wait we colonise that planet ?
    We are here ?
    when didwe get here ?
    what is this place ?
  • Period: to

    Draglien Retardation War

  • In case of doubt : Food ?

    Inheriotrs and 2020 agree that food is the only thing that matters.
  • Battle of the Century

    1 destroyer faces the entire 2020 Armada in Boro Baba.
    His sacrifice will be remembered.
  • RNGesus Favours the Inheritors

    The Communist bastards stop trying to liberate the inheritors, despite them adopting their own ideology.
  • Habitats, Praise RNGesus !

  • Battle of Wuae

    Closest Battle of the Retardation Wars.
  • Draigliens terrified of Construction Ship

  • 2020 Tells Yiesha's Children they are civilized

    2020/Draigliens are literally just self-replicating rocks which eath planets while Yiesha's children aare cultured scientific pacifist
  • Mass Producing Habitats be like

  • Yiesha's Inheretors Find Yiesha's Inheretors

    First Question upon realizng it is an alternate version of themselves :
    (Both simultanously) Are you equally fucked by RNGesus ?
  • Retards hide from Draigliens

  • Draigliens realize they have market

  • Draigliens don't understand other's can eat

  • Period: to

    Yiesha Instigate's Anti-Robot War

  • Period: to

    Yiesha Instigate's Spyrrian War

  • Pacifist Yieshan's involved in 3 wars

  • Bruhs invade Raveners in *seconds*

  • Period: to

    Yiesha Instigates Consumption of the Raveners

  • The Little Destroyer that could

    Epic showdown between a destroyer (the last of its fleet) and an outpost ends with outpost winning.
  • Buggy Battle

  • Draigliens Ask Stupid question

    Draigliens : Can I be in more than one war at once ?
    Yiesha's Inheritors *visibly confused* : humm, yes.
    Yiesha's Inheritors : I am in three.
    Draigliens : Oh yeah. Stupid question.