star wars: clones

  • Jan 1, 1500

    Clones are being tested on the planet kamino

    On the desolate planet of kamino, clones are being tested and trained. the Kamonians are on the verge of creating a grand army of the republic
  • clone army is continuing to grow in size

    As time passes the Grand army of the republic is growing by the millions evry day.
  • Clone army near completion

    The Clone army now numbers in the Tens oif millions, and more are being raised and trained each day
  • Clones go into combat

    First ten millions clones go into battle against the sepratist threat on geonosis. There is a major battle, and it appears the clones are victorious against the sepratist droid army.
  • First Clone Commados are ready for action

    Delta Squad the first of many commandos going into covert ops missions. They are the best kamino has to offer and they serve the republic well for another 3000 years before the last of Delta Squad's Delta 38 is gone. mysteriously missing in action
  • Clones are starting to turn on the republic

    Due to the clones' sense of loyalty they have to follow every command given to them by the highest ranking person there is. Not knowing the chancler is the dark sith lord, the clones blindly betray the jedi, all exept Anakin thought to be the "chosen one"
  • Clones completely turn on the jedi

    The clones now turn on the jedi and defeat the last of the order. 3 masters and millions of padawans
  • A new order

    The once thought peaceful republic that fought for justice is now the Evil Empire led by Anakin Skywalker, or "Darth Vader", and his master, the sith lord Darth Sideous. The clone troopers, now are changed, new armor, new blasters, new training, and a new name that will strike fear throughout the galaxy... Stormtroopers
  • Destruction of death star

    The menecing enemy of the new Evil Empire, the "small" rebelion, has just blown up the Emipre's most prized posession...THE DEATHSTSAR