Star Wars: A New Hope Timeline

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  • The Tantive IV

    The Tantive IV
    The Tantive IV is being attacked by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Aboard this ship are some Rebel soldiers, two very important droids who go by R2-D2 and C-3PO, and Princess Leia Organa. The Tantive is attacked by Imperial Storm troopers and Darth Vader, lord of the Sith. Princess Leia gives the droids plans that need to get to someone important. To C-3PO’s distress, the droids leave with an escape pod and only get away because there was no life forms on board the craft. They are now on Tatooine.
  • The Droids Are On Tatooine

    The Droids Are On Tatooine
    They droids crash landed on Tatooine. The start towards any inhabited area but disagree on where to go. R2-D2 goes to the mountains and C3PO heads through the desert. They are both captured by Jawas, droid traders. They droids are brought to a small moisture farm. This is where Luke, his aunt and his uncle live. They agree to be some droids but leave R2-D2 behind. R2 does not want to be left behind so he causes one of the droids they are getting to malfunction, and blows up. So they get R2-D2.
  • Droids and Luke

    Droids and Luke
    Luke leads the droids back to his house where he begins to work on them. He is cleaning them when he comes across something that is jammed in R2. When he tugs at it a video starts saying “Obi-wan Kenobi, your my only hope!” When Luke decides o take the restraining bolt off, the projection stops and R2 won’t turn it back on. When he goes to talk to his aunt and uncle, his uncle only say that obi-wan is just an old beggar. When he heads back R2 is gone and C3PO is looking for him. R2 is long gone.
  • They Go to Find R2-D2

    They Go to Find R2-D2
    Luke and C3PO head off to find R2 in a speeder. C3PO says that R2 was talking about an Obi-Wan Kenobi when leaving. They find R2 and ask where he is going. He then starts beeping loudly saying that people are coming this way. Luke says sand people and they should go check it out. When they are up on the mountain looking at the sand people they are ambushed by more Tuscan raiders. When they are brought down the mountain the Tuscan raiders are scared away by Luke’s friend Ben. They then go inside.
  • They Go to Obi-Wan’s House

    They Go to Obi-Wan’s House
    Luke and R2 greet Ben. When Luke asks Ben about an Obi-Wan, he says, “Now that is a Name I have not heard in a long time.” Luke then asks if he know them and he says that that’s himself. They then find pieces of C3PO and bring him back to Obi-Wan’s house. This is where R2 plays the entire video for Ben. once C3PO is assembled, he decides to shut down for a bit. This is when Ben shows Luke the lightsaber which calls, “An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”
  • Luke’s Aunt and Uncle Die

    Luke’s Aunt and Uncle Die
    Ben, Luke and the droids head back to Luke’s house. On the way back, they encounter an attacked Jawa vehicle. Luke thinks it’s Tuscan raiders but Ben knows otherwise. He points out that the shots are more precise and that this was imperial storm troopers. Luke is at first confused, then he remembers the droids which reminds him of, “Home.” Luke rushes to the speeder, Ben tried to stop him, but to no avail. Luke speeds back home to find the corpses of his aunt and uncle. Luke returns very sad.
  • They Head to Mos Eisley

    They Head to Mos Eisley
    When Luke gets back Ohioan tells him that he could have done nothing and would have died with them. Now the Luke has nothing to lose, Luke agrees to go off world with Ben. But first they need a pilot. For this they head to Mos Eisley. When reaching Mos Eisley, imperial storm troopers are all about. They interrogate them and say they are looking for droids. Ben uses the force and tells them to leave with a Jedi mind trick. When this is over, Luke and Ben then park the speeder. They then head off.
  • They Meet Han and Chewbacca

    They Meet Han and Chewbacca
    They walk over to a cantina. The cantina Does not allow droids so he tells them to wait outside. Inside the cantina they walk up to a bartender and ask for a drink. Ben starts to talk to Chewbacca, the Wookiee friend of Han Solo. While this is happening Luke speaks to 2 fugitives that want to kill him. They pull out their guns and Ben chops their hands off with the lightsaber. They then walk over to Han. After some negotiations, he agrees to fly them to the Alderaan system.
  • They Start to Leave Tatooine

    They Start to Leave Tatooine
    Luke, Chewie, and Ben leave the Cantina. Han stays behind and gets in a gun fight with Greedo the bounty hunter. Han fires his blaster on point but Greedo misses. Han then leaves the Cantina. Luke and Ben go to sell the speeder. R2 and 3PO see storm troopers and lock themselves in a small house thing. They all meet up after that and head to the Millennium Falcon. On the way an imperial spy spots them and alerts the empire of their position. Han tells Chewie to start up the Millennium Falcon.
  • Leaving Tatooine

    Leaving Tatooine
    When the engines are fired up, storm troopers come in and shoot at the falcon. Han fires back and takes a couple down. The the guns on the falcon take down the rest. They board the falcon and take off. When the fly up and out of the atmosphere, Luke is amazed at all of the buttons. When he asks what one is Han swats his hand away and makes the jump into hyperspace. With the ship on its way, they sit in the back. C-3PO and Chewie play some holo chess. Then Ben feels that something bad happened.
  • Aboard the Death Star...

    Aboard the Death Star...
    Aboard the Death Star is Princess Leia organa. They have interrogated here several times, even threatening here but to no avail. She refuses to give up the location of the rebel base. But when they threaten to blow up Alderaan, she gives them a location. Grand Moff Tarkin is satisfied but decides blow up Alderaan anyway. Leia begs him not to saying that Alderaan is peaceful and has no weapons. He proceeds to blow Alderaan up. Leia is greif stricken at this loss. Alderaan was her home.
  • The Alderaan Sytem

    The Alderaan Sytem
    Han says they are here and they go up to the cockpit. As soon as they made the jump out of hyperspace, they were greeted by an asteroid field. Han does not remember there being a asteroid belt here, and he definitely remembers Alderaan being here. They then see a lone tie fighter. Han follows it, confused for why would such a small craft be in the middle of nowhere like this. They see what looks like a moon and think it’s heading there. Then Ben says, “That’s no moon. That’s a space station.”
  • Boarding the Death Star

    Boarding the Death Star
    Ben is right, what looks like the moon is actually the empire’s planet destroying base, the Death Star. But before they realize it they are stuck in a tractor beam. They are being pulled towards the space station. They don’t want to be captured so they hid in the smuggling compartments. When the Falcon lands, storm troopers rush up to check it out and find no one on board. When the next troopers go in they are ambushed by Han and Luke. The two put the stormtrooper outfits on and leave the ship.
  • Finding Leia

    Finding Leia
    Aboard the Death Star they head up to a coms Room. The Imperial Officers open the door, expecting troopers, but are greeted with a surprise. Chewie is standing at the door! They easily gain control of the room. They ask R2 to find the tractor beam generator. He finds it and Ben heads off. Just moments later R2 starts to beep. 3po translates what he is saying he says Which is, “I’ve found her! She is here!” They are confused and then realize he means he found Princess Leia. Luke makes up a plan.
  • The Detention Level

    The Detention Level
    Luke comes up with the idea that Chewie is a fake prisoner and that they need to get him to the detention level. They tell R2 and C-3PO to wait where they are. Luke, Han, and Chewie head to the nearest elevator. They go down to the detention level. When they reach the prison block, they are greeted by officer asking them what they are doing with Chewie. Luke then releases Chewie from the cuffs and throws him a blaster. They quickly take control. Luke runs to find Leia while Han receives a call.
  • The Trash Compactor

    The Trash Compactor
    Han answers the call, blows up the mic, and yells, “Luke, We’re gonna have Company!” Luke opens Leia’s cell and tells her that he is Luke Skywalker and is here to save her. She immediately gets up. Moments later the doors are blasted open and stormtroopers rush in, blasting at the 4. Inside Leia tells them that that was the only way out. Leia then blasted the garbage chute and tells them to go in. Inside the walls start to compact. They are Mere feet apart when R2 manages to stop it.
  • Meanwhile at the Reactor...

    Meanwhile at the Reactor...
    Ben has made it to the reactor. Two stormtroopers are there. He sneaks around back and starts to turn it off. The stormtroopers are convinced that it is just another drill. Once it is off, Ben uses the force to make the stormtroopers hear something. The troopers go to check I out while Ben sneaks off.
  • Escaping the Death Star

    Escaping the Death Star
    Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie leave the room and go back to the room where they initially found out where she was. They need to get back to the Falcon. Luke and Leia go one way while Han and Chewie go the other. Han and Chewie run into a bunch of stormtroopers and need to run. While Luke and Leia reach a gap. Luke uses a harpoon to swing across. R2 and C-3PO are now waiting near the falcon. Han and Chewie run and find a blast door starting to close. They jump through leaving the troopers behind.
  • At the Falcon

    At the Falcon
    They all meet up at the falcon, but Ben is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, while Ben was sneaking off he ran into Darth Vader. They draw their lightsabers and start to duel. At first Ben seems to be winning but Vader begins to take the upper hand. They walk towards a blast door. They reach the blast door and keep dueling. Then the blast door opens and it is leading to the Falcon! Luke sees Ben and yells to him. Momentarily distracted, Ben is struck down by Vader. Luke yells from the falcon.
  • Outside the Death Star.

    Outside the Death Star.
    The falcon takes off. Luke is grief stricken at losing Obi-Wan staying that he was his only friend. Leia puts a blanket on him. Moments later Han yells from the cockpit that they have company. They Run to the guns and get ready. Han sees one, and takes it down quickly. Luke gets one moments later. They each get another. When only one Tie Fighter remains, the Falcon takes some hits. Then Luke takes out the last Tie and they make the jump to the Revel base.
  • At the Rebel Base

    At the Rebel Base
    When they land on Yavin 4, it feels good to meet these people. They must get ready for the upcoming mission. R2 plugs into a computer and the plans for the Death Star show up on the screen. They hear that there is only one weakness in the Death Star. They must fire a torpedo into a 3 meter wide gap. They rebels don’t think they can hit it but Luke says that he could hit it. They all go to their ships. Luke sees Han and asks why he is not helping them and he says he has a debt to pay.
  • The Final Battle

    The Final Battle
    The Rebels take off. Luke is part of red squadron. They head towards the Death Star. They fight on the surface. Then red squadron goes in. Luke is at the front. He starts to line up the shot when another member of red squadron say they are being followed. Darth Vader takes down his squadron members. Luke has the shot lined up. Then Obi-Wan tells him to use the force and close his sights. Vader is locked on when Han takes out Vader. Luke fires and gets it in. Then the fleet pulls away.
  • The End

    The End
    The Death Star blows moments later. When the return to their base, The rebels rejoice for their victory. When they feature to base, they learn that R2 was hit. They soon get him repaired. A bit later, Han, Chewie and Luke get medals of high honor. Everyone is happy now that the Death Star is no more.