Stages and Development

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    Stages and Development

  • Reflex Abilities

    Reflex Abilities
    -Infants can lift and turn their head when lying on their back.
    -Hands are fisted and arms are flexed.
    -When the Infant is sitting up, they can't support their head.
  • Primitive Reflex

    Primitive Reflex
    -This includes the Moro reflex and Babinski reflex.
    -Babinski: The toes fan outward when sole of the foot is stroked.
    -Moro: A startled reflex. Including the Palmer hand grasp, placing, plantar grasp, rooting and sucking, steping and walking, and neck response.
  • Reflexes at 3-4 months

    Reflexes at 3-4 months
    -Better eye muscle control
    -Controls hand and feet actions
    -Increased vision allows the infant to tell objects apart from backgrounds
    -Infant raises up
    -Primitive reflexes disappear
  • Perceptual Development at 4 months

    Perceptual Development at 4 months
    -Baby's vision increases several feet away.
    -When touched they look around for the object that touched them.
    -They attempt to mimic sounds that others make.
  • Sensory Perception at 9-18 months

    Sensory Perception at 9-18 months
    -Babies will nuzzle their face into a soft object to smell it.
  • Awareness at 12-18 months

    Awareness at 12-18 months
    -Babies become aware of the difficulties of some tasks and adjust accordingly.