Sputnik/Mercury/Gemini Programs

  • Lauch!

    Soviet Union succefully launched Sputnik 1
  • Sputnik 2

    Sputnik 2 with the first space dog named Lakia was launched.
  • Sputnik 3

    Sputnik 3 was launched with a cargo of scientific instrumentation.
  • Mercury 3

    Alan Shepard on board Freedom 7 became the first American in Space. At this stage America lacked the launch vehicle to place a man in orbit.
  • Mercury 4

  • Mercury 6

    John Glenn on board Friendship 7 became the first American to orbit the Earth (actually 3 orbits).
    This was the first of four manned Mercury Atlas rockets
  • Mercury 7

    Scott Carpenter's orbital flight on board Aurora 7.
  • Mercury 8

    Walter Schirra orbital flight on board Sigma 7
  • Mercury 9

    Gordon Cooper's day long, 22 orbit flight on board Faith 7. This was the last of the Project Mercury flights before NASA concentrated its efforts on the Gemini Program
  • Gemini 3

    Grissom and Young's Gemini Titan 3 mission was the first American multi-manned space mission.
  • Gemini 4

    During McDivitt and White's GT-4 mission, Edward White achieved the first American space walk.
  • Gemini 8

    Armstrong and Scott's GT-8 mission featured the first docking with the unmanned Agena and an emergency landing after a problem with the docking.