Splended little war

Timeline created by adenbritton
  • President McKinly elected presidant

    President McKinly elected presidant
    President McKinley is the 25 president.
  • Explosion of the USS Maine

    Explosion of the USS Maine
    when the USS Maine exploded it was thought the spainish exploded it and led us tp war with spain
  • Hearst yellow journalism

    When USS Maine was exploded lots of talk by yellow journalism from William Hearst
  • US declares war with Spain

    the Spainish-American war is just starting
  • Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders

    Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders
    The Rough Riders help us win the war against Spain
  • Buffalo soldiers

    Buffalo soldiers
    The Buffalo soldiers help us win the fight
  • Theodore Roosevelt sends commadore Dewy to the Phillipeans

    He was sent to the Phillipeans to stay there incase of war
  • deats in Spainish-American war

    385 deats in battle
  • US Wins

    US Wins
    We win the war. Making Cuba independent
  • Treaty of paris

    Treaty of paris
    Spain gives up on on cuba and sighns the Treaty Of Paris