Spirit Lake Massacre

  • Arrive

    The Indians responsible for the massacre arrive and see the fences and cabins. It is said that they considered Spirit Lake a holy place and would not fish or even put a canoe in the water.
  • It begins

    They storm the Gardner Cabin, and demanded breakfast. They ate all the food, while one of them unloaded Roland's gun. They demanded more food, but none was left. They left. Dr. Harriot and Mr. Synder arrive to ask Roland to take letter to be mailed when he gets provisions from Fort Dodge. Roland refuses to leave and the two men leave with their letters.
  • Cattle and cabins

    Around midday, the Indians took the Gardner's cattle and then killed the cattle. They then headed for the Mattock and Granger cabin killing those there. They then burned the cabins. (Note: Willam Granger was out visiting relatives in Red Wing, Minnesota, he lived.)
  • Back at the Gardner's

    They were discussing the options and around 2, Harvey Luce and Robert Clark went to warn the neighbors. Mrs. Gardner wished to die 'innocent of shedding blood.' So they did not fight when the Indians barged in and demanded flour. They killed everyone taking only 14 year old Abbie, who begged to die, but was taken captive.
  • 20 killed

  • Period: to

    Spirit Lake Massacre

  • Howe's Cabin

    They headed to the Howe's cabin, fiding and killing Joel Howe on the way. They killed everyone taking no prisoners. Next was the Noble and Thatcher Cabins.
  • 3 hostages

    Lydia Noble, Abbie Gardner, and Elizabeth Thatcher were all taken captive and forced to braid their hair and grease their faces to have a more Indian like appearnce.
  • Finding out

    Morris Markham was staying in the area that winter and went to the Gardner cabin to find the bodies, he continued to the other cabins to find more bodies, for he was too late,
  • Moving the Camp

    Inkpuduta moved the encampment 3 miles west
  • Moving Again

    Abbie was assigned to drive one of the sleds with some stolen horses. They moved to Marble's Grove.
  • The Last

    They found the Marble Cabin and killed Mr. Marble, taking Margaret Ann Marble captive.
  • Springfield (Jackson)

    They were camped about 15 miles from Springfield at Heron Lake. Morris had warned the areas around them, so the Indians only had a partial surprise, but most likely killed less.
  • Soldiers

    Soliders were approaxhing their camps, so the women and children were sent away. A 24 man group led by Lieutentant Alexander Murray could not find them and continued on.
  • Around this time

    Mrs. Thatcher was beaten and kept in a river. They shot her and she died.
  • Trading

    2 Indians from another tribe came to trade for a captive. They wanted Abbie but she was not for sale. They got Margart Ann instead who p[romised the other two to send help as soon as she got traded back to the whites.
  • Another death

    Lydia and Abbie were trade to End of Snake and lived with them. A few nights later Lydia was killed for being disobedient.
  • Abbie Traded

    Abbie was traded and released. She got an Indian war cap for her bravery and while it was in her possesion, was supposed to be under the Dakota's protection.
  • Abbie Marries Casville Sharp

  • Inkpuduta dies

    He dies while living amoung Sitting Bull's band.
  • Monument was constucted

  • Margaret Ann (Marble) Silbaugh

    Dies at the Age of 74. Not much is know about her life. She is buried in St. Helena Cemetry in Californa.
  • Abbie dies

    Abbie says she never recovered from her time as a captive and as a result had poor health.
  • Cabin

    Still standing and is a museum in Arnold's Park.