Spatini, Mercury, and Gemini Programs

  • Period: to

    Spcae Timeline Project Timespan

  • Sputinik 1 was launched

  • Sputnik 2 was launched

    Carried a much heavier load of a dog named Laika
  • Pioneer Program began to be created

  • Mercury is "born"

  • Apollo begans to be created and worked on

  • Mariner Porgram is created

  • Mariner 1 fails

    Shorty after Marnier program was created there first probe fails.
  • Gemini Program is created

  • Gemini porgram ends

    There were 12 total Gemini probes that were launched into space.
  • First Apollo flight

  • Skylab Space Station is launched

  • Apollo Project ends

  • Viking 1 took its first picture

  • Second Voyager Probe is launched

  • Space Shuttle Discovery is launched

  • Hubble is completed

  • Mir Space Station is launched

  • Space Shuttle Chalanger is launched

  • Space Shuttle Columbia is launched

  • Gailileo Spacecraft is launched

  • NEAR Shoemaker is launched

  • First US Rover lands on Mars

    Called Sojourner
  • Casini Space Mission is launched

  • NEAR Shoemaker lands on a astroid

  • Hubble makes its millionth obversavation

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched