Spanish Influenza Utah

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  • Preparation

    A few cases start springing up in Salt Lake. The Health Board is already planning on what measure need to be taken across the state to lessen the spread.
    Jumping on this early might have saved many lives.
  • First Cases

    First Cases
    The Salt Lake Tribune reports the first outbreak cases of Spanish Influenza. The Health Board is quick to examine a ban on public meetings/gatherings.
    The board did a good job acting quick even in the worry of creating a public panic. Rather keep the public safe than worry about perception.
  • Quickly Spreading

    Cedar City sees the first signs of the outbreak. This is becoming a state wide epidemic.

    Many cities are learning the drastic measure needed to prevent spreading.
  • Doubters

    The Eureka Reporter believes the beginning reports and commands issued by the Health Board are drastic and that it was just creating hysteria. They advice schools remain open.
    If this advice would have been followed, so much more would have been infected
  • Special Hospitals

    Special Hospitals start opening, like the Red Cross Hospital, to handle to predicted influx of influenza patients.
    Red Cross are starting to worry about deaths at home and abroad, with WW I.
  • Still Worried about the War

    Still Worried about the War
    Teacher in Ogden, with no school down to Health Board recommended shutdowns, are reported to be picking peaches to send to troop in WW 1.
    Gives us the mindset of people during this time. Even with the flu outbreak, many still have the war on their minds.
  • Relgious Meetings Caceled

    A Latter Day Saint ward in Weber discontinues some of their religious gatherings.

    Starts to affect peoples religious activities. Something as simple as group worship becomes dangerous.
  • Flu Hitting its Peak

    Around 20,000 Utahans are down with the flu. Some locations are improving but the list of names of the dead are stirring.
    I can't imagine being a person cut off from contact to most people due to quarantines and reading everyday in the paper the list of names; hoping and praying you don't see someone you know. Chances are you might though.
  • Red Cross Recruiting Teachers

    Red Cross Recruiting Teachers
    The Red Cross is desperate for help as the cases pile up. They print a request in the Salt Lake Tribune, begging teachers, who are not a school due to their closing, to volunteer.

    It is interesting the guilt tactic the ad uses, calling the teachers slackers and insinuating unpatriotic citizens. This shows the desperate need of help.
  • Signs of Waning

    Reports of new cases are decreasing, and deaths are becoming a rarity at some hospitals. There is even talk of closing done the Red Cross Hospital due to few new patients being admitted there.
    You can almost here the sign of relief starting to spread across Utah with a hope of a return to normalcy.
  • Public Places Start Opening Again

    Public Places Start Opening Again
    Ogden starts opening up it movie theaters again and is followed by other cities. It is reported that decent sized audiences start attending.
    A solid sign of the decline of the flu and its fear on the public.