Spanish Influenza Timeline

Timeline created by lcolson
  • Spanish Influenza comes to Utah!

    The Spanish Influenza is now in Salt Lake City. A family from Evanston, Wyoming who attended Utah's State Fair has been identified as the source of the "malady." This event is important to understand when the epidemic began and to see how quickly the virus spread.
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  • Officials advise not attending public funerals of Spanish Influenza victims

    63 new cases of Spanish Influenza in Utah. To deter new cases, officials are asking people not to attend the funeral of any Influenza victim. Chances are, their family has been infected and may be contagious. Also, no one can visit the state prison to help prevent outbreak there. This event is important to illustrate how quickly the virus had spread and to show how quickly officials reacted to stop further infection.
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  • Salt Lake City is a "closed city!"

    Salt Lake City is a "closed city!"
    Due to the Spanish Influenza outbreak all indoor public gatherings are cancelled until further notice. This is an important event to show the seriousness of the epidemic. People were encouraged not to do anything publicly.
  • No "spitting" regulation enforced in Salt Lake City

    A new anti-spitting regulation has been approved as a measure to stop the spread of the Spanish Influenza. Police are authorized to arrest and take to court anyone who breaks the anti-spitting regulation. No mercy will be shown to the offender and no excuses will be accepted. Some students might find humor in this event, but it shows how officials were trying to take every precaution.
  • Health Chief asks department stores to put reduction sales on hold

    Health Chief asks department stores to put reduction sales on hold
    To avoid further spreading of the Spanish Influenza, Dr. T. B. Beatty has asked Department Stores to resist sales at this time. 500 women went to a sale the previous Monday and many of them could have been carrying the virus and spread it to all in attendance. This event is important to show how careless some people were being. People would put something like a sale before the health of their community.
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  • Citizens of Bingham use gauze masks as a safety precaution

    Citizens of Bingham use gauze masks as a safety precaution
    As people are worried about the Spanish Influenza epidemic, a decision to wear gauze masks as a preventative measure was adopted in Bingham. More cities are expected to follow. This event is important to show how people still needed to carry on their daily tasks and work, but can do it and not be careless about it. There are so many pictures available to show people implementing this safety precaution.
  • Board of Health close schools

    The Board of Health urge citizens to not linger anywhere public for very long and state the schools will probably be open in two weeks. Students would be very interested in this event and realizing that schools were closed for so long. It is important for them to see how quickly things progressed.
  • The Red Cross asks teachers to volunteer as nurses

    The Red Cross asks teachers to volunteer as nurses
    There are more than 650 women teachers who are receiving teacher salary but are not working due to school closures. The Red Cross is in desperate need of nurses and has placed a call to female teachers. 100 have responded, the remaining 550 have been deemed as slackers and unpatriotic. This event allows students to get a feeling for the time. The girls especially will find it interesting how they singled out women teachers.
  • All homes of individuals with the Spanish Influenza must have a large INFLUENZA sign on their front door.

    Anyone who has been diagnosed with the Spanish Influenza must have a sign on their front door warning others not to enter. It is possible to care for those who are sick by using simple health care procedures - wearing masks and keeping things clean and sterile. I would like to have a discussion on this one. I would be interested to know their feelings about "labeling" a "sick house." Link text
  • Drastic steps taken to stop the flu

    Store hours are going to be regulated to minimize the spreading of the virus. Anyone failing to report immediately to the City Board of Health their influenza diagnosis will be prosecuted. Conviction will mean a fine of $300 or 6 months in jail. I do appreciate their aggressiveness to stop the spread. I am actually surprised at how many cases there were. I wonder what the numbers would be without the regulations.
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  • Movie theaters are open once again

    The movie theaters are once again operating after a 10 week closure due to the outbreak of the Spanish Influenza. The theaters have all be cleaned and are ready for operation. I am very curious to know how many people went to the movie the first day or week it opened. I think that would be a fun question to ask!
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  • Schools will reopen Monday, December 30

    Schools will reopen Monday, December 30
    Schools will begin classes on Monday, December 30. There will be no New Year's Eve holiday observed and school days will be one hour longer so students can "catch up" on there lessons. Even though 31 new cases were reported to the health department, all public meetings may resume. I'm curious to know how many students went back to school during that first week. I would be very apprehensive if I was a parent.
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