Spanish American Timeline

  • Yellow journalism

    Yellow journalism
    Newspapers were exaggerating their stories to entice more readers. They were making crazy pictures and titles. They wrote about the Cuba conflict and it get a lot of attention. Americans wanted to join the war.
  • Cuban Rebellion

    Cuban Rebellion
    In 1898 many Cubans were frustrated with the Spanish authority so they started to rebel against them. To counter the Cuban Rebel, the Spanish made the re concentration policy. This stripped the Cubans of their land and more.
  • Am Business Interests

    Am Business Interests
    Cuba trade value went up to 100 mil.The US invested 50 mil into them. Cuba and Spain rebels needed supplies and land.
  • American Land

    American Land
    American property was in danger of being destroyed because of the rebellion. This urged the US into war more because they wanted to protect their property and land.
  • Spanish Brutality

    Spanish Brutality
    One third of Cubans population was sent to relocation camps. 30% of them died. America was witnessing what was happening and the cruelty. It contributed to America going into war.
  • USS Maine

    USS Maine
    USS Maine exploded and no one knew who had done it. An American Battleship was sent to Cuba to protect US interests. Americans blamed Spain for the explosion.
  • TR and the Rough Riders

    TR and the Rough Riders
    Theodore Roosevelt lead a team of cavalry called the Rough Riders. In the Kettle hill attack many thought they would lose, but they didn't and they only lost 89 people.
  • Results of Spanish American war

    Results of Spanish American war
    In less then 4 months, Spain was defeated. Treaty of Paris ended the war. Americans gained control of Spain's colonies. Philippines rebelled for year until they became independent in 1946. America gained a lot of respect because of this war.