Space timline inventions:nick

By kilo89
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    space inventions:nick

  • first rocket

    first rocket
    The first rocket was made to bomb the Allies in WW2 sent by the axis. But the rocket was so powerful it left the earth’s atmosphere and became the first rocket.
  • Sputnik

    Sputnik was the first satellite in space sent up by the Soviet Union. The Americans took it as a threat and thus starting the space race though the Soviet Union clamed it was only a radio satellite.
  • Luna 2

    Luna 2
    Luna 2 was the first spacecraft to land on the surface of the moon. It was launched by the Soviet Union in 1959 after Luna 1 when on impact exploded.
  • Lunar buggy

    Lunar buggy
    The lunar buggy or lunar rover was a researching vehicle researching it unmanned. Also in later versions they used the rover to travel on the moon. The first unmanned was sent up by the Soviet Union and the manned sent by the Americans.
  • canadarm

    The canadarm was a mechanical arm used on the space shuttles to asset the astronauts on fixing the outside of the ship or what ever the purpose making it possible to do the outside of the shuttle. It was created by Canada.
  • canadarm2

    Canadarm2 was a more enhanced version of its before state helping better and making outside of the rocket more accessible it was launched by Canada.
  • spirt

    Spirit was one of the two rovers sent to mars to observe it and research opening mars up to the NASA program spirit is still on mars researching its wonders.
  • Opportunity

    Opportunity like spirit was made to asset spirit and cover more ground so they could explore more of the wonders of mars. It was launched by the Americans for researching.
  • dextre

    Dextre is a robot used like the canadarm.Dextre fixed the ship and could be controlled form in the ship or back on earth it was also used to fix the outside like the canadarm but more accessible.