Space Timeline Research Project

  • Period: to

    Space Timeline Research Project Timespan

  • Sputnik 1 is launched

  • Pioneer Program is started

  • Mercury is 'born'

    Mercury lasted 5 years
  • Apollo Project starts

  • John F. Kennedy proposed that we make a moon landing in the next decade

    We ended up doing it in 8 years
  • Mariner Program is created

  • Mariner 1 fails

  • Gemini Program begins

  • Gemini Program ends

  • First manned flight for the Apollo Program

  • First Moon Walk Through the Apollo Program

    Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the men who walked on the moon then
  • Skylab Space Station is launched

  • First Interplanetary Spacecraft reaches Jupiter - Pioneer Program

  • Apollo Project ends

  • Mariner 10 is launched

  • Viking 1 took its first picture

  • Viking 2 lands

  • Viking 1 failed

  • American congress approves funding for the Large Space Telescope

  • Galileo Spacecraft is created

    Created in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Second Voyager Probe takes off

  • First Voyager Probe takes off

  • Skylab Space Station is deorbited

  • Viking 2 loses communication

  • Space Shuttle Columbia is launched

  • Space Shuttle Discovery is launched

  • Hubble is completed

  • Challenger disaster puts all Shuttle flights on hold. Launch of Hubble delayed

  • Mir Space Station is launched

  • Space Shuttle Challenger is launched

  • Gailileo Spacecraft is launched

    Launched from the Kennedy Space Center
  • Launch: Shuttle Discovery (STS-31) launched on 24 April 1990. Hubble deployed on 25 April 1990.

  • Probe descends through Jupiters upper atmosphere from Galileo Spacecraft

  • NEAR Shoemaker is launched

  • First US Rover, Sojourner, lands on Mars

  • Casini Space Mission is launched

  • NEAR Shoemaker lands on astroid

  • NEAR Shoemaker mission ends

  • Genesis Spacecraft is launched

    Collected samples about solar dust for about 850 days
  • Rover, Mer B, lands on Mars

  • Mars Rover, Mer, lands on Mars

  • Hubble makes its millionth observation

    This is the latest interaction or big event that has happened to the hubble or that is important
  • Space Shuttle Discovery comes has its latest mission

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched