Space Timeline

  • Period: to


  • Sputnik is launched

    The Sputnik wanted to make is so we had a full map of the Earth
  • The Sputnik project ends

    The Sputnik burns in the Earth's atmosphere
  • Period: to

    Venera Space Probes

    The Venera Space Probes are active
  • Period: to

    Mariner Program

    The Mariner Program is started to investigate Mars, Venus, and Mercury
  • N.E.A.R. launched

    The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous is launched
  • Venera 3 crash

    The Venera 3 is the first probe to crash land on another planet
  • Space shuttle begins

    The space shuttle begins
  • Period: to

    Mars Exploration Rover

    The Mars Exploration Rover is started, this is an ongoing event to find out information about life on Mars
  • Viking Probes launched

    The Viking probes start to launch
  • Viking 2 is launched

    The Viking 2 is launched
  • Viking probe lands

    The first Viking probe lands on Mars
  • Viking 2 lands

    The Viking 2 lands on Mars
  • First Space shuttle

    The first space shuttle is launched
  • MIR launched

    The MIR space station is launched
  • The Magellan Launches

    The Magellan lanches to orbit Venus
  • The Magellan ends

    The connection to the Maagellan spacecraft is lost
  • Galileo Launches

    The Galileo Spacecraft launches into space
  • Hubble Space telescople launched

    designed to take pictures of space (still going on)
  • The Cassini launched

    This is launched to study Saturns seasons
  • International Space Station

    The International Space Station is launched
  • Cassini mission ends

    The Cassini mission ends
  • N.E.A.R. enters orbit

    The N.E.A.R. enters the orbit
  • The Genesis Space Craft Launches

    The Genesis Spacecraft was launched on August 8, 2001 to colest solar wind samples from the Sun
  • The Gelileo Spacecrat lands

  • The Genesis Spece Craft crash lands

    The machine crash landed in Untah on September 8, 2004