Space explorations timeline

Timeline created by rs19787
  • Galileo's telescope

    Galileo's telescope
    Scientists were able to make a lot of inventions.
  • Publication of the philosphiae nuturalis principia mathematica

    It was a book about the laws of motion
  • First rocket equation

    Based on Newton's third law. William Moore UK
  • V-2 rocket

    First rocket to pass 100 km
  • V-2 rocket captured

    First space research. USA
  • Sputnik

    First satellite in space. USSR
  • First ballistic missal

    Was launched by ussr
  • Laika

    First animal in orbit
  • First picture of earth

    It was the photo token from orbit. USA
  • Dark side of the moon

    First picture of the dark side of the moon
  • Sputnik 5

    Sputnik 5
    First animal to return alive. USSR
  • Yuri Gagarin

    Yuri Gagarin
    First man to orbit earth and be in space. USSR
  • Venera 1

    First planetary flyby with no data returned. USSR
  • Mariner 4

    First mars flyby. USA
  • Luna 10

    First satellite to go around the moon. USSR
  • Apollo 11

    First man to land on the moon. USA
  • Lunokhood 1

    First lunar rover. USSR
  • Salyul 1

    Salyul 1
    First space station. USSR
  • Mars 3

    First mars landing. USSR
  • Helios 2

    Closest sun flyby. West Germany and USA
  • Iras

    First infrared orbital observatory. USA,UK,NIVR
  • STS-41-B

    First untethered man to walk on the moon. USA
  • Voyager 1

    First photo of solar wind. USA
  • Mir

    Longest space flight 437 days. Russia
  • Mars pathfinder

    First rover on another planet. USA
  • NEAR Shoemaker

    First orbit around an asteroid. USA
  • NEAR Shoemaker

    First landing on a asteroid. USA
  • Stardust

    First sample return o f a comet. USA
  • Hayabusa

    First sample of a asteroid. Japan
  • Radio Astron

    Radio Astron
    Largest space observatory ever launched. Russia