Space Exploration Timeline Project

By s-sahn
  • Period: to

    Space Exploration

  • Pioneer- first probe

    August 17, 1958 was the first probe to go up into the moon
  • Period: to

    Venera Probes

    Venera 1-16 4 failed 11 succesful
  • Launch of Sputnik 1

    It was the first launch , it was the first artificial satelite.
  • Space Station Skylab is launched.

    It is launched and it comes back to earth due to a failure of the computer system on July 11th, 1979
  • Launch of Venera 7

    Venera 7 was launched by the Soviet Union.
  • Space Station- first worthy timeline

    It was the first worthy space shuttle in our solar system.
  • Launch of Viking 2

    It was a mission from the mission Viking Spacecraft.
  • Mariners spacecraft

    The first picture of the surface of Mars was taken from the mission of Mariners Spacecraft.
  • Launch of the First Voyager

    It was launched in Cape Canaveral, and it went to go observe Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Magellan Spacecraft

    It was the launching date for the spacecraft to go to the venus.
  • Galileo Spacecraft

    The Galileo Spacecraft was launched.
  • The hubble space telescope is launched.

    It was launched in 25th of april, 1990 into space aboard the Discovery.
  • Near Shoemaker mission launch

    The shoemaker mission was ended roughly five years after the mission was launched.
  • Cassini launched

    On Oct 15th 1997, Nuclear powered Cassini was launched.
  • Genesis spacecraft launched

    It launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida.
  • The landing of the Mer-A

    The Mars Exploration's 2003 mission, it was the first mission of the year.
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis

    Space shuttle Atlantis was launched in July 21st 2011.