Space Exploration Timeline

Timeline created by anderson_kaylen
  • Period: to

    1st Timespan

  • Galileo Telescope

    Galileo Telescope
    Galileo spotted the moon with a telescope.
  • Hermann Oberth Rocket

    Hermann Oberth Rocket
    Hermann Oberth fired his first liquid rocket engine, that was called "Kegeldüse".
  • Fruit Flies

    Fruit Flies
    Fruit flies launched into space by the U.S on the V-2 Rocket
  • Satelite Signals

    Satelite Signals
    First artificial satellite placed into space that sends back signals to earth launched by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
  • Space Dog

    Space Dog
    First animal put into orbit, launched by USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and didn’t return alive. The dogs name was Laika.
  • Period: to

    2nd Timespan

  • Women in Space

    Women in Space
    First women aboard a mission (Vostok 6).
  • Seeing Mars

    Seeing Mars
    First sighting of mars and flyby on Mariner 4. Launched by NASA.
  • Man On The Moon

    Man On The Moon
    First man that successfully landed on the moon (Apollo 11) launched in the U.S
  • Space Station in Space

    First space station put in orbit by USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
  • Mars Landing

    Mars Landing
    First soft landing on Mars and first signals from the surface (Mars 2-3).
  • Period: to

    3rd Timespan

  • Solar System

    Solar System
    First photograph of our solar system by U.S. NASA.
  • Asteroid Landing

    Asteroid Landing
    First landing on an asteroid by NASA in the United States.
  • Space Telescope

    Space Telescope
    Kepler Mission launched first space telescope designated to see the extrasolar planets.
  • Asteroid Sample

    Asteroid Sample
    First sample of an asteroid brought back by Hayabusa.
  • Mars Rover

    Mars Rover
    NASA rover successfully lands on mars to seek out life-clues. Launched by Nasa in Flordia.