Space Exploration History

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  • R-7 rocket launch/Запуск ракеты-носителя Р-7

    First launch of the new R-7 rocket by the USSR.
  • Sputnik/Спутник ПС-1

    First artificial satellite PS-1, known as Sputnik in the West, launches into orbit and starts sending radio signals to Earth.
  • First animal in space/Первое животное на орбите

    Laika the dog becomes the first animal in orbit. Unfortunately, she did not survive the flight since the PS-2 satellite she was on overheated. This was a huge blow and further missions of this kind (with dogs on board) were halted for 3 years.
  • Explorer-1/Экплорер-1

    First American satellite, Explorer-1, is successfully launched into orbit.
  • Launch of Object D/Объект "Д" выведен на орбиту

    This was the third artificial satellite (спутник) sent into orbit by the USSR. It conducted a lot of measurments critical to further development of the Soviet space program.
  • Shutka and Kometa/Шутка и Комета

    Two dogs were launched into Space, but there was malfunction during the launch and the landing capsule crash-landed in the Siberian forest. The capsule was found 4 days later. Miraculously, the dogs survived the rough landing.
  • Chaika and Lisichka/Чайка и Лисичка

    Soviets send 2 dogs into orbit, but the rocket explodes on the launch pad.
  • Belka and Strelka/Белка и Стрелка

    Two more dogs are sent into space, this time successfully. The dogs spent 1 day in orbit and returned to Earth successfully.
  • Pchelka and Mushka/Пчелка и Мушка

    Two more dogs flew into orbit. Everything was well, except on the descend the landing craft deviated from its original trajectory and was blown up.
  • Chernushka/Чернушка

    Chernushka the dog is launched in the Satellite-9. She has good company - a manequin, a mouse and a guinea pig. On the return, the manequin catapulted and the rest landed successfully in the landing capsule.
  • Zvezdochka/Звездочка

    Zvezdochka the dog was sent into orbit and successfully completed the mission. She was the last "Space dog" in the program. After her successful return, S.P. Korolev felt secure that a human being can be safely sent to space.